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Social Media While in Retirement

Social Media While in Retirement

156Retirement is made so much more enjoyable with the advent of social media. There are some retirees who will dispute this thought primarily because they have misgivings about the use and benefits obtained from social media. Frankly, most retirees don’t know how they can benefit from social media.

What is social media
Social media encompasses web-based and mobile technologies for social interaction. Many retirees that I speak with believe this is primarily social networking. However, social networking sites are just one element of social media. There are currently six different categories of social media: collaborative projects (e.g., Wikipedia), blogs and microblogs (e.g., WordPress, Twitter), content communities (e.g., YouTube), social networking sites (e.g., Facebook), virtual game worlds (e.g. Social Life), and social markets (e.g. Groupon). These categories will continue to evolve as new forms of collaboration is introduced.

So how do these six social media categories relate to retirement? Knowing a little about each category provides some direction:

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